How to cook …

I’ve been cooking for myself with various degrees of success for a long time, but I’ve only ever put any real effort into it on a few rare occasions. Like when I decided to eat nothing but vegan food. I suddenly found myself in a situation where I had to cook. Prefab vegan food is hard to find and expensive. As a poor student, I had no option other then to make myself cook. For a few months I made new and interesting things regularly, but then I got lazy again and went back to my usual pattern of eating the same boring things over and over again. Like pasta … actually, I really love a good pasta with tomato sauce and nutritional yeast (the vegan / health-nut answer to Parmesan). That can be my supper for two weeks before I get bored with it.

Some of the most fabulous people I know are foodies. They cook amazing foods and at least one of them reads cookbooks. No, I don’t mean they just follow recipes, I mean they actually read the book. All that introductory stuff the rest of us skip, gets read.

A couple of weeks ago both my Halifax and my Edmonton foodie friends gave me some thoughtful gifts. My Halifax friend send me Mark Bittman’s “How to Cook Everything Vegetarian” (which will be the basis of a few future posts). My Edmonton foodies invited me over for dinner (which is always a huge treat for me), and they offered to teach me how cook what we were eating. So, I got to help make my first ever risotto and I learned a few neat tricks in the process.

The point of this post, aside for sending kudos to my foodie friends, is to offer a bit of background for my future food related posts. No, I won’t be telling you how to cook things. I will be using the posts to document (however briefly) the dishes I make out of “How to Cook Everything Vegetarian” which is huge, awesome, and full of delicious looking recipes. I may also add some other random recipes form other books, like “Vegan Bites“, which is one of my favorite and most used cookbooks.

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