Wardrobe vs. decor

Apartment Therapy suggests looking to your wardrobe for design inspiration in their post “Defining Your Home Style: Look At Your Wardrobe”. It’s not a new idea and it makes sense – if you bought it, that probably means you like the design and colour.

Here’s where it doesn’t work for me: colour. Specifically the base neutral. I have this quirk where I (generally) refuse to where brown or derivatives of brown. It looks good on me (in fact, the earthy brown and pale blue combo that everyone loves looks fantastic on me), I just much prefer grays and blacks. But, while you won’t find any brown in my closet, I love to use it as a base neutral in décor. Well, maybe love is too strong a word. But, the point is that I steer towards grainy woods and rich earthy browns for my big pieces of furniture. My sofa is a lovely dark chocolate brown, if I had the funds and inclination I’d buy nothing but solid wood for tables, dressers, and shelves.

Perhaps I’d give gray a chance if I wasn’t so intent on having warm décor (Edmonton has long, cold, dark winters).

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