RSSo much to read

One thing that I’m really bad about is collecting RSS feeds. Lots of them. Too many. I have feeds form all walks of life on all topics I could possibly be interested in: comics, science, crafts, friends, pictures, personal finances, recipes, etc. Half of them where only read because they’re in folders that I browse through daily. I’m borderline hording, really.

Recently, it got to a point where I was hitting the “Mark all as read” button almost everyday just to clear things out because the ever increasing number of unread things was creeping higher and higher each day. I kept marking some with stars or as unread so I’d remember to read them when I had more time. I’d open a bunch in tabs at home and never get around to reading them. It got to be both ridiculous and stressful.

Last night I declared war on my feed hording. I went through almost every feed (I’ll go through the rest later) and browsed through at least a few of their most recent updates and asked myself the following: Is this a blog I regularly find wonderful/useful/interesting things on? Do I really care enough about this topic/story/gossip? When was the last time I actually read a post (as opposed to just skimming it to see if it was interesting)?

In the end, I’m pretty sure I got rid of at least half. I even got rid of whole topics that I was surprised to find I wasn’t reading (ever) – like Feminism. That one in particular surprised me. It’s a topic that’s important to me, but I guess just haven’t found the right blog/resource for me yet (they can be very depressing when all they focus on is the bad things).

While purging, I also resorted feeds into new and more useful categories. Like my Flickr feeds – they’re mostly crafts and needlework, so why not just make one big giant folder of them instead of having them dispersed through the folders with articles and how-to’s.

I still have some purging and sorting to do, but it was really nice to check my feeds this morning and only find things that I was interested in reading.

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