WIP: Embellishing IKEA’s Cecilia fabric

What do you do when you have an empty picture farm, an ugly phone plug in the middle of a wall, and some bits of IKEA’s Cecilia fabric? You combine them to make a pretty piece of art in the middle of your wall. This is a work in progress (WIP). I don’t plan to do much embroidery on the piece of fabric (the bird and maybe a bit of highlighting in some of the plants) and I’m just winging this (I’ve never tried this before and didn’practice, or even bother to learn, the best ways to fill in a space using a basic stitch). I just wanted something relatively quick and dirty to cover an ugly phone plug. I think it will be cute in the end.


The main body will be green (which almost perfectly matches the green already in the fabric), the beak and legs are brown, and the belly, cap, and wings will be blue and purple. I’m using short (almost stubby) stitches on purpose because that’s what I think of when I think of small songbird body feathers.

The idea (embellishing fabric) is from Feeling Stitchy’s August Stitch-Along (they’re doing couching for January’s Stitch-along, which I think I will try this weekend even though I’m already behind in my stitch projects).

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