Adventures in quilting, part 2

Last week, I had some issues with a small quilting project I was working on. I spent this weekend fighting off a cold, which made me feel a bit lazy, so I decided to do some sewing instead of chores and I revisited the project. I’m happy to report that, except for one small exception, all of my seams behaved and lined up properly this time.

Of course, now I have a quilt top that’s too small. It’s only about 17inches by 17 inches, so I would have to add a significant border to it to make it big enough to be a useful quilt. I could just make it into a wall hanging, I suppose. But, for now I’m going to treat it like a practice piece. At some point in time I’ll finally get around to buying some quilt batting. Then I’ll add a back to this and use it to practice quilt stitching.

But, for now, I’m going to enjoy my victory and move on to other projects.




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