Several months ago, I had some issues with a refund that I had not received. Then I had issues with people not following up (too much staff turn over?). Long story short, someone did resolve the issue, apologize profusely, and send me an Actionsampler as an apology. I never say no to free things, especially not ones that I was a little bit interested in already. But, in the end I decided that the Actionsample kind of boring. The lenses are open too close to each other, so that action being captured has to be big and quick to take full advantage of the feature. Plus, for some reason, I just don’t really like layout – it’s just 4 small pictures. Meh.

I much prefer the Supersampler: the lens open a little slower and at least one is a little slower than the rest (it’s 1-2-3-pause-4 instead of a steady 1-2-3-4). Plus, I prefer the look of 4 images side by side. I think I like the ease of “reading” the set from left to right.

Anyway, when I tested the Actionsampler I used really old film and most of the pictures didn’t turn out well. But, got these shots:



And, here are a few pics from my Supersampler:



Step on a crack, break your mother's back

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