Beachy quilt

I’ve been somewhat secretive about a recent project because it was for my niece and I didn’t want to ruin the surprise … not that she spends much time online, being just a year old :D

This year is the first year that my niece visited the family cottage, so when I saw the super cute It’s a Shore Thing fabric collection (by Jack and Lulu for Dear Stella fabrics) I *knew* that I had to make her a beach themed quilt. So, I ordered the fabric, waited (im)patiently for it to arrive, made the quilt in a hurry, and rushed it off to the cottage so that she could receive it while still there. It was a mad dash, but worth it. I love the quilt. It’s definitely one of my favourite quilts so far (though, I have only completed 4 so far).

The one problem is that I was in such a rush to send it, I forgot to take full view pictures of the finished product (d’uh).

Here’s the quilt top:
Beach themed quilt

The back was the tan coloured fabric (sand) that you see at the very top and very bottom. I had a small block inset at the bottom right of the back, consisting of a few extra pieces I had left over (the seagulls, the sand dollars, and the star fish). I embroidered my nieces name and “summer 2012” with a star fish all in lovely bright orange in the inset block on the back. The binding was mostly the same as the backing, but with a few strips of the clams and the tan fabric with everything (seagulls, beach balls, etc.). And, for the quilting, I did somewhat random lines following the chevron pattern (see below). It looks pretty awesome, I think :)

Here’s a picture I took of it when I finished stitching the binding over lunch at work:
Beach themed quilt

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