Pillow Along, because I don’t already have a million projects to work on

There is a very distinct possibility that I’m nuts. Why do I say this? Well, because despite being in a quilt along, joining a Christmas stitches class, working on my first full(ish) sized quilt, being in discussions with a co-worker to make her some pillow covers, and having a million other little projects I want to do, I have decided to join a (thankfully short) Pillow Along.

Why am I doing this? BECAUSE THE PILLOW IS AWESOME! Also, it will be good practice for when I make pillows for my co-worker.

I’m seriously considering using these fabulous Lizzy House fabrics (from her Hello Pilgrim collection … yes, I have a bit of all her recent collections and yes, I am super excited for her upcoming collection):

Possible fabrics for Pillow Along

Note: This is not the best picture (do not take pictures in a rush!). For a better idea of the colours, go here and scroll down: Leaves and Berries in Blue, Lots of Leaves in Blue and Spring Meadow and Green and Red)

I had considered using switching things around and adding a solid (using the multicoloured at top for the large squares, the green in the background for the small squares and a matching solid for the background), but that would involve having the necessary solids and I thing this could be lots of fun.

Also, it might be fun to do a second one with large blocks (as if it was zoomed in). We shall see …

Esch House Quilts
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