Review: Playful Peanut snack bags

I bought some great little reusable snack bags from Playful Peanut (Canadian, if you’re interested). I’ve been meaning to make or buy some for ages. I generally use hard containers, but sometimes you just need a small baggie-like container that takes up minimal space. But, disposable plastic baggies, while useful, are terrible for the environment. All that plastic takes ages to breakdown (and may only just break down into smaller bits of plastics, never really going away. As a nature loving gal, I strive to use as little plastic or disposable products as possible. If nothing else, I hate the idea of my trash contributing to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (watch the video: it’s a bit despressing, but also very interesting).

The problem with buy reusable ones is that you have to be careful about things like the plastics used in the liner and the quality of the product – there’s no point in buying something you can only use a few times before they fall apart. I’m happy to say that the snack bags I bought from Playful Peanut are made well and made with safe products. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Instead of using lots of scary plastics, they line their bags with water-resistent nylon, which they found to be the option they were most comfortable with using for their own kids.
  • The bags are free of BPA, lead and phthalates.
  • The bags are well made with fun fabrics (you can pick the fabric you want, and apparently you can ask to have them made with velcro instead of zippers).
  • They can be wiped out with a damp cloth or tossed right in the wash (I hand washed mine before using them and they dried very quickly on my drying rack).
  • They’re the perfect size: the larger one is big enough for a sandwich and the smaller one is about half that size (I was able to fit about 1.5 cups of cut up veggies in mine)

I bought mine from their Etsy shop, where you can get sets, but you can order both sizes from their main website. They also have lots of other great products (mostly for kids): lunch bags, wet bags, teethers, wipes travel cases, hooded towels, etc.

I bought three sets (these are wrinkly because I took this picture after hand washing them):
Reusable snack bag

They’re well made (and, isn’t this fabric awesome!): Reusable snack bag

After sitting being packed around noon on Sunday, sitting in my fridge overnight, being stuffed in my backpack, and tossed on my desk until lunch, my veggies were still fresh and crisp:
Reusable snack bag

I’m really happy with these baggies, as well as the great (and prompt) service from Playful Peanut. A nice bonus for me is that they’re made in Canada.  If you’re in the market for reusable snack bags, these are a great option.

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