My living room is fixed (mostly)

Last week I posted about my messy living room. It took me all weekend (mostly because one thing led to another and I ended up tidying and re-arranging the whole apartment), but I now have a (mostly) finished living room.

Obviously, I still need to move my bird pictures so they aren’t hidden behind plants and maybe I could refrain from putting every sweater I own on my chair by the sewing table:

Operation livingroom: After

The other side is now marginally more messy because I have a box under the table, but I plan to cover the box for prettier storage. Maybe I will also add a few nicer pillows that look better together. A table lamp might be good, too:

Operation livingroom: after

The one big thing left to do is to find a small table or shelf for beside my sewing table. I need to be able to keep my ironing table clear for when I need to iron, but I have a few odds and ends of things that I like to keep close to the sewing table (my clock radio, the glass of sewing and marking tools, etc.). And, yeah, I still can’t believe I forgot to move those damned bird pictures before I snapped these pics:

Needs work

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2 Responses to My living room is fixed (mostly)

  1. Hannah says:

    To me, your place looks impossibly neat. And quiet. Can I come visit?


    • admin says:

      Ha ha, yes, not having wee ones running around and such makes it easy to keep my place clean.

      And, yes, anytime time :)


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