Floor cushion

I made a floor cushion for my adorable niece using this tutorial from Living With Punks.

Floor cushion

I had some home decor weight fabric that I bought ages ago, so I decided to use it in hopes of making it a bit tougher (it is for a toddler, after all). The tutorial called for piping, but I didn’t have any (nor did I have any of the cord needed to make piping). Instead, I just took a strip of fabric, folded it in half, and used it in the same way you’d use piping. Piping is definitely more posh, but I like the added accent of the stripes at the seams.

Floor cushion

I also filled it really full to make it a bit more solid and (hopefully) extending it’s life span by making it big enough for her when she gets older (and taller). Of course, this means that she can barely crawl up on it right now, but it’s hilarious watching her try.

Floor cushion

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3 Responses to Floor cushion

  1. Lisa Johnson says:

    I love this I think I will try it for November!


  2. Lisa Johnson says:

    where is your pin? I would love to repin this!


    • admin says:

      I probably deleted it as I now have the link embedded in this post. Just follow the link to the Living with Punks tutorial (very top of the post) and pin it. Alternately, there are tonnes of people who have it pinned on Pinterest, and you could search for it.


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