Stamped salt dough ornaments

I’ll post more details about these and the process for making them later, but for now, here’s a few more pictures of the stamped salt dough ornaments I made while on vacation:

Making stamped salt dough ornaments

Making stamped salt dough ornaments

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2 Responses to Stamped salt dough ornaments

  1. Hannah says:

    Those are beautiful! I may actually try to make some of those this year… I always do them with the littles but theirs are more the ‘cut out with cookie cutters and painted with splots’ style.


    • admin says:

      You should have seen the SIL’s. She’s such a whiz at these things. I can’t wait to get them (I had to leave them in Ottawa because they were still in the oven when I had to be at the airport) and paint them.

      And, yes, you should do some. Without kids (or, fewer kids). It was very relaxing to just sit, chat, stamp and make a mess. The only issue was stamping hard enough for a good impression without lines from the edges of the stamps showing. But, I think this could be solved either by only using stamps with rounded edges (like the ones in the top right of this picture, not that you can really see them: or by taking a knife to the stamps and rounding the edge yourself.


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