Team fitness challenge at work

We’re doing a bit of a fitness challenge at work. It isn’t really meant to be a competition or even an attempt to improve our fitness. Right now we’re just trying focus on remembering to be active because, despite the ever increasing hours of daylight, this is a hrd time of year to stay active: it’s cold, we’re tired of winter, it can be really icy outdoors, and there are still quite a few New Year’s resolutioners at the gyms.

For the fitness challenge, we’re calculating our weekly total kilometers of effort. For some activities (walking, etc.) this is super easy – just keep track of how far you go. For others (circuit training, yoga, aerobics) it involves a bit more effort. Our organization did a step challenge (how many steps you did each day) a few months ago, so we’ve been using an online chart one of the team members found which gives you an estimated number of steps per minute for several types of activity, based on exertion. Essentially, it’s an equivalency chart (X minutes of yoga is equivalent to Y number of steps). We just convert that to km by using the estimated 1,320 steps per km ratio that I found online (Note: I have no idea if it’s correct, it doesn’t agree with the estimated steps per mile listed on the website with the chart, but it’s what we’ve been using).

FYI, we’re using kilometres instead of miles because we’re in Canada and Canada has a crush on the metric system (so do I, being a ex-scientist).

Anyway, our goal is to “walk” from Edmonton to the central branch of Vancouver Public Library (1,160 km), with a bonus effort to try and get to the Vancouver Aquarium, because I am a nerd and love all things about the ocean (except for pollution – that’s bad!). That bonus trip will add an extra 3 km. I think we can manage … especially as we’re already ahead of our weekly targets. We need to accumulate 145 km per week, and so far we’ve surpassed that every week. So, we might have to keep going to Victoria, B.C.

I’ve been keeping track for the team and posting cheesy posters with pictures and facts about the places we’ve reached so far, but I’ve also been keeping track for myself with a little hand drawn chart:

My progress chart for or team fitness challenge at work (yes, I used highlighter!). Between the four of us, we managed to accumulate nearly 250 km last week. Go team!

In just our second week of our team fitness challenge, we've accumulated enough km to get to Banff Nat. Park (just 10 km shy of Lake Louise). Clearly,  we should have set higher goals for ourselves-  we're a week ahead in terms of distance goals

Team fitness challenge update: Sickness and injury made it a bad week, but we're still ahead of our goal.

Here’s a bonus picture of the Vancouver Public Library central branch. It’s pretty spiffy looking.


Here’s one of many pictures I have from the Vancouver Aquarium.

Jelly fish

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