River Valley flora

I go for walks along a short and lush trail on a regular basis. It’s my wee break from the noise of a big city (despite being surrounded by busy streets, it’s relatively quiet). The trail is always full of birds and I regularly see wild hares. I even saw a coyote this week (just a wee thing that was more interested in avoiding me than causing trouble). And, plants, oh my goodness, all the plants. After the spring bloom, it was a whole lot of luscious green. Now the summer flowers are starting to bloom, and it’s quite lovely. As an added bonus, I was given a pamphlet, “Common Wildflowers of the Edmonton Area”, created by the Edmonton Naturalization Group, which has helped me to identify most of the flowers I come across:

Prairie rose
(Maritime friends, it does not smell as lovely as our Tea Roses. I don’t know why. They look pretty much the same. Though, to be fair, I haven’t looked into their relationship, yet.)
Prairie rose

Wild licorice
Wild licorice

Bird’s-foot trefoil
Bird's-foot Trefoil

Low milkweed
Low Milkweed

Vetchling, or possibly even peavine
(I honestly have no idea. I need to do a bit more research.)
Vetchling or peavine?

(Two pictures, because I couldn’t decide between the one with the dew on the leaves or the one showing the contrast in colour between the older and newer leaves)
Dew on Caragana


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