Snow shoeing

Two posts in one day, because why the hell not.

Also, because I’ve been putting off posting anything and now need to catch up.

Anyway, last week, after a lot of debating between skis and snow shoes, I bought some snow shoes. I love the idea of cross country skiing, but as someone who has to walk or bus everywhere, I really like the fact that snow shoes are a little easier to carry around. I also have pools, which I’d previously bought for hiking, so I bought some winter tips and snow buckets. I figured that a klutz like me should always have poles. And, using both my arms and my legs will give me a slightly better work out.

As it was my first time out with them, I made sure to wear snow pants in case I fell (snow is just froze water and I didn’t want to get damp and cold). This was a mistake. I was absolutely roasting. So much so that I didn’t last very long. So, in future, unless there’s a wind chill of -20C or more, I’m just going to layer stretching pants. Despite this little mistake, I had a lovely, if slow, walk around the park. It’s really the ideal place: close to home (easy to get to/from, even if I’m tired out), pretty, well populated (there are always skiers going around on the trails), and pretty quiet. There’s also odds and ends of birds and hares wandering around. I think this will make a great weekend activity for me because I can march on to get a good workout or just meander around and take pictures.

On my way home, I stopped to watch the birds at one of the bird feeders (supplied and filled by local residents). It was a lovely way to start the weekend.


Victoria Park

Snowshoe trail


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