Painting my bed yellow

… because, why not!?

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a lament (possibly a whine) about my apartment. Kandise, who is fabulous and has a beautiful apartment,  commented on the post with what I will call encouragement, even though it could probably be classified as “the swift kick in the arse I needed.” And, so, I decided to do something about some of the things I’m not to fond of about my apartment.

I started with actually rearranging my living room (as opposed to just saying it was “in progress”). It’s still a bit of a mess as I have several stacks of books, fabric, and other things waiting to be dealt with (I’m working on it slowly but surely), but I absolutely love it! The plan was to get the stacks properly sorted and put away this weekend, but I may be painting instead.

Yes, painting!

Not the walls (it’s a rental), but my bed frame. I randomly decided that I needed to paint my bed a cheery yellow. I’m not usually a big fan of yellow. I like yellow, but I never expected to use it as part of my decor. What can I say, my bedroom is dark, more often than not, because it’s depressingly dark in Edmonton in the winter and I have heavy sun-blocking fabric hung in the summer to keep the intense summer sun out. On weekends, I let the sun in, but 75% of the time, it’s dark in there.

My bed is kind of boring – just a cheap plain wood frame from Ikea

Before and after - pretty pillows make a huge difference

( the pillows in the linked picture have since been moved to the living room)

It’s usually adorned with blue, blue, and blue – blue sheets (the occasional deep magenta pillowcase), a white blanket with blue floral design, and a blue and white wool blanket. I really like dark blue and haven’t yet managed to make myself any quilts for my bed (though, I have started one). I thought a nice punch of bright colour would work well. I do have odds and ends of art and decorations in the room, but all of it will work with the yellow. Actually, now that I think about it most of my art has purple (yellow’s complementary colour), yellow and green (Frankie), tiny subtle bits of yellow (leaf boy), or (wait for it!) blue (my moon painting).

So, I bought myself a paint swatch fan thingie and left it open to the yellows on my bed for a few days. Eventually, I decided on one of three colours (all by Benjamin Moore):

  1. The scary, might-be-too-much option: Bright Yellow
  2. The most likely option: Banana Yellow
  3. The safe, might-be-too-pale option: Sundance
Which yellow? I'm thinking banana.

(The 3rd, 4th, and 5th colours from the bottom)

This week, I ran up to the paint store (conveniently 10 minutes from my office) and bought primer, paint brushes, a drop cloth, and samples of each colour. This weekend, I’m going to shove all my piles of things in the living room into my hall, move my mattress, prime the bed frame, and paint samples on the headboard so that I can see what they look like. I suspect that even just priming the frame will make things look a million times better.

Wish me luck!

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3 Responses to Painting my bed yellow

  1. Rebecca says:

    Oh I can’t wait to see, what a bright a fun idea. I say go bright!


    • I stuck the paint chips on my wall and I’m already 90% that it’s going to be one of the 2 brighter choices. The paler one is just sort of boring. But, I will post pictures after I’ve primer and added some test colour :)


  2. kandisebrown says:



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