Constellation quilt colour options

Recently, I mentioned that I wanted to make one of Haptic Lab’s Constellation quilts to use as a giant art piece above my bed. Yesterday, I told you about how I plan to paint my frame yellow. Today, I want to talk colour choices for the quilt.

Based poorly on the fact that it'll be the sky and/or I love these colours, these are my first picks for the constellation quilt. Now to pick the best one for my room.

These are my first picks for colours. These choices are based purely on whether or not they make sense to me, considering the quilt is the night sky, or on whether or not I love the colour.

After putting some thought into the colours already in my room and the planned bed frame painting, I decided that:

  1. I won’t be using the blues (I love blue, but my bed is already blue, blue, and blue), but they would be gorgeous choices for this quilt.
  2. I won’t use the teal, either, as I didn’t love it against the yellows I’m testing.
  3. I just don’t think that the pale purple/lavender works well enough with the blues.

So, I guess I’m going with pink (I know some of them look a bit red in the top picture, but they are all types of pink). I’m going to tape the fabric swatches to the wall above my bed so that I can see them next to the blues on my bed and test yellows on the bed frame.


I really want to go for the darkest pink because it’s so rich and gorgeous, but I don’t think it’s right for the project or the room (especially not as it can be quite dark in there). Right now, I think I prefer the pink immediately below the blues in the above image. But, I need to see them with everything and in both daylight and the rooms usual darkness.

Now I just need the pattern (which I’m hoping is one of the things waiting for me at the post office).

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2 Responses to Constellation quilt colour options

  1. ingrid says:

    so, did you ever finish the quilt? would love to see how it turned out!


    • No, I didn’t love the first colour combo as much as I thought I would and then got distracted by other things while trying to decide what colours I want. I think I know what I want now, but haven’t had a chance to start putting it together.


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