Foggy morning

Instead of having proper early summer weather (warm temperatures, epics thunder and lightning storms, etc.), we’ve been suffering through cooler temperatures and boring rain. This morning was cool (cold, really), but at least it was interesting: we had fog.

Back home (Halifax), fog is an epic and persistant beast, which usually partners up with cloud cover to make the day seen extra dreary. In this flat city I now call home (Edmonton), fog is fleeting, at best, and typically burned off by the morning sun before I’ve gotten to work. But, at least it can be interesting. Especially for those of us living near fog-loving areas like the river valley.

When I first woke up, there was low fog, a clear sky, and a bright sun.

Low fog

Low fog

The sun was so gloriously bright! I would not have known that it was foggy if I hadn’t looked out my windows, because I had thick rays of sunshine streaming through my windows.


Half an hour later, as I was on my way to work, the fog had thickened enough to make it hard to see the top of this 30-something floor condo tower.


It sunny in the downtown area. Crossing 109th was like walking into another world. Only faints wisps of fog extended far enough in from the river valley to reach downtown. The streets look lush with summer dew, but the air was clear and the sun shone brightly.

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