Dirty windows

My apartment is pretty great, in many respects. When I first moved in, I took a tonne of pictures of the sunrise and the sunset (you should see my picture folders – it’s ridiculous!). I still love to watch the sun and the sky and I still try to take pictures when the sunrise or the sunset is particularly nice. But, in the four years I’ve been living here, they haven’t bothered to wash the windows once. Not once.

Where I grew up (Nova Scotia), where it rains like the dickens all the time, this would not be a problem because Mama Nature cleans the windows for free. But, in this dry, dusty, oily city the windows just keep gettings dirtier and dirtier. Even after a few hard rains pounding against the windows, they’re still covered in dirt.


Frankly, it’s getting a little depressing. If I weren’t so high up (or the windows opened in a way that allowed for easy cleanign from the inside), I’d clean them myself! :)

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