Books I’ve been reading

I’ve had a really good string of books lately.

  • Earlier this year, I read “A Trip to the Stars” (Nicholas Christopher). It’s one of those books that takes hold of your inside, shakes them, rattles them, hugs them, loves them,  and leaves them a little disoriented. For all the times it left me afraid to pick it back up because, oh my god, this is going to end in heart ache, it was still a beautiful and fascinating story. Love (not just romantic love), loss, a little bit of fantasy, and an intertwining of the cosmos is what this book was all about.
  • More recently, I’ve been sticking with lighthearted and easy reads, starting with “The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There” (Catherynne M. Valente). I’ve read several of her books (including the Fairyland books that come before this) and her imagination is inspiring. The Fairyland books are fun, easy reads about a young girl, September, who goes to Fairyland.
  • I did interject my lighter reading with a short but brilliant novel by the always wonderful Neil Gaiman. “The Ocean at the End of the Lane” consumed me for 2 days. I’m now officially terrified of Ursula and paranoid about things squiggling into the souls of my feet.

Now I’ve moved on to Wildwood (book one of the Wildwood Chronicles) by Colin Meloy. So far, it’s wonderful (and so are the illustrations!).

I don’t tend to write much about what I’m reading, as I’m not very good at writing reviews (I have a hard time expressing how I feel about them, as books tend to dig down into my core) and I’m even worse about not giving away the ending :) But, these are all really great books. I highly recommend them.

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