Snow day

Sadly, not the kind of snow day that meant I got to stay home from work. It was Saturday.

Typically, we don’t get the nice snow. We get thin, small, icy, harsh snow. It will blizzard all day and we’ll end up with nothing but slippery surfaces and a few meager centimetres of snow. But, Friday night was different.Β It started off with rain. Dreaded rain in the winter. I closed all my curtains in disgusted and lamented about how I had many errands to run the next day while grumpily flipping through decor books. But, at some point, it must have started to snow.

The next morning, Valentine’s Day, I heard the sound of shoveling. Lo and behold, it had snowed. A lot. The sky was over cast and the breeze was frigid, but the snow was lovely, white and fluffy. I headed to the grocery store and by the time I got home, the sun was out and neighborhood was clearing home with gusto. I ran another errand, enjoying the change to swish through the snow, admiring how much there was and how pretty the city is covered in snow and surrounded by clear blue skies and a bright sun. It was so nice out. I ended up doing my errands and then puttering around in some of my favourite local shops: Henry’s Purveyor of Fine things, Call the Kettle Black, Carbon Boutique, etc. Then I spent the rest of the day doing chores, periodically being distracted by how lovely everything was.

The sidewalks are now slick with ice and the snow by the roads is a disconcerting dirty grey-brown colour, but at least we had a few hours of the kind of winter I grew up with and often long for.

Beautiful clear skies! ❀ 🌞 β›„

Winter wonderland

Shadow lines

Winter wonderland

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