Painted frame

One of my favourite decor projects is finding cheap frames and sprucing them up with a little paint. It hardly takes any time at all and it makes a huge difference. A couple of years ago, I painted a few black with metallic stripes. They looked pretty darned good, but I’ve been swapping art, so they need to be redone. I haven’t decided what colour to paint two of them (currently holding these awesome acquisitions), but I knew right away that green would be perfect for the third.

I wanted to find a green that was a close match to the kinds of green in the print’s foliage. ¬†Because I didn’t want to risk ruining the print, I pulled out a damaged clean plastic sleeve to test my paint. It’s a great way to find the right colour because you can paint “on” the thing you want to match.

Mixing paint for a frame

Each time I tested a new variation of dark green, I gave it a couple of minutes to dry (paint colour changes a bit when it dries) and ended up finding a close enough match after just three tries. Not back for someone who’s out of practice (mixing paints to match is an art).

Painted frame

I’m a fan of doing several thin layers followed by a couple of layers of clear finish, so it technically took me most of the afternoon, but I was doing a million other things at the same time.

The end result is a simple, but pretty frame around a gorgeous print which I get to look at each time I brush my teeth.

Bathroom art

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