Have you ever woken up in a cabin or tent during a light rain shower? Or, walked through quiet woods while it rains? That pitter-patter of rain drops is heaven to me. The smell of damp earth, the feel of damp air against my skin, the quiet – it all soothes my soul. I love walking in the rain. I love that no-one else wants to be out on the trails in the rain. I love that some hearty birds refuse to let rain quiet their pretty songs.

It rained on Monday. There was a 5 minute downpour that swept through my neighborhood first thing in the morning and a very light rain, which we Maritimers typically call “spitting,” that persisted throughout the day and overnight.

Normally, I wouldn’t care too much about a simple light rain. It seems so inconsequential compared to a proper Maritime rain shower. But, it was desperately needed because it’s been so dry in Alberta. All the usual thunderstorms and heavy downpours we usually get in June didn’t happen. We got a mere fraction of our usual rain, so everything is dry and dying.

I miss the rain, so I left for work early in order to have time to enjoy the newly rain soaked trail. It was a relaxing way to start the day.

When I left work and discovered that it was still raining (not quite heavy enough to be bothered with an umbrella), I decided to take advantage of it and take a long route home: down around the Alberta Legislator building, up through the usual trail above the golf course and then through the quiet streets until I’m home. It only offers a brief break from the busy-ness and traffic, but it’s enough to recharge me.

It was just as lovely the next morning. It was peaceful. The usual joggers weren’t on the trail and the the birds were quieter after a night of rain. A young hare sat on the edge of the trail. A chipmunk scurried along a fence. The walk was relaxing. I didn’t even mind the light cobwebs hanging from the trees. It was as if nature was reaching out to caress me.

I hoped it would persist for another day, but by Tuesday afternoon, it was already starting to clear up. The humidity lingered for another few days, making the nights unusually warm and the days  seem hotter than they really were. But, at least I got a few rainy days on the trail.

Rain covered flowers, after a brief but heavy rain


Random rock

Dark skies

Rain drops.

The trail never looks dreary

It rained last night

It rained last night

It rained last night


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