The river valley trail

The day before Canada Day, I strained the posterior ligament in my left knee. It’s been annoying and it meant that I couldn’t take my favourite route along the trail (stairs and inclines hurt). This week, it suddenly started to feel better. After taking two days to test it out (carefully) on steps and longer walks, I finally decided it was OK for me to hit the trail again. I’ll ease back into things (only do the trail if my knee feels fine, and not more than once a day for a little while) and hopefully get back to my usual longer walks before I head off to Paris.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday morning’s walk. It’s been really dry in Alberta, but we’ve had a few nights with rain and things seem to be coming back to life (some lawns have even come back from the dead, changing from brown to green in just a few days). Despite all of this, the trail looks lovely and I got two surprises at the end. The first was to see a good sized, healthy looking coyote off the main path. I’m always happy to see wildlife, but I bit surprised to see it there as it’s usually a fairly busy part of the trail. Then, as I heeded up the hill, I ran into a cyclist who was foraging for berries. I should have asked him what he was picking (dark red berries on a bush).

Sunshine yellowDainty

I believe this is burdock.

Click through to the original and view this is a larger size. The dainty web wrapped around the petals is lovely.

White berries

I found a section full of these berries. It almost looks like Christmas.

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