The living room and dining area

As mentioned in a few previous posts, I’m working on fixing up my space to look less sparse and more cozy. The first room I tackled is the bedroom. Then, I tackled the living/dining space.

This is how it used to look:


In the living room (top): the long rectangle on the wall to the left is two shelves and the short rectangle by the chair is my third shelf. In the dining space: the rectangle by the table is the large ottoman that goes with my sofa. I’m using it as seating, for now.

This layout worked pretty well, all considering, but the sitting area and office area always seemed to be encroaching on each other (contrary the the picture, the rug extends further to the left). Also, that space behind the armchair (which looks small in the picture because it’s not quite to scale and the armchair is a little further left than it should be) is empty and useless. Sometimes I pull out a collapsible table to use as a sewing/crafting table in that space (for days when I want to watch a movie on my computer while I work), but I don’t need that space, as the table fits closer to the desk or on the rug. Mostly, it’s just a ridiculous looking empty space.

The wall on the left is my neighbour’s bedroom. It’s also a bad place to put much of anything as it’s in the direct line of fire when the window (at the top of the picture) is open (which is often – I have it at least a crack open for most of the year). I used to have my sewing table against that wall, and it was terrible. Even with a sheet covering the table, everything would get very dusty and be blown around on really windy days.

This is what it looks like now:


I didn’t think I’d like it that much, but decided to try it anyway, and I was pleasantly surprised. My sitting space and office are now separate entities, I have a great view from the desk, there’s still nothing blocking the window I keep open all the time (it opens with sliding panes of glass, so it’s just the left side of the window that needs some space), and I can still watch movies from my sofa or chair.

Eventually, I’ll replace the sofa with a day bed. I’ll probably do it before next summer, as this is the most comfortable room to sleep in on hot nights. That will mean that I lose the cozy seating by the dining table (the ottoman goes with the sofa), but I don’t sit there nearly as often as I thought I would, so it’s not a big deal.

My dining space hasn’t changed at all. Which is fine.

The only issue is that I don’t have a convenient place for a lamp by the sofa (which takes up the whole wall). For now, I keep the sofa pulled out just enough to fit my floor lamp behind it.

And, now that I’ve moved things around, I want to test out the new layout for a week before I put my art back up. I already have some ideas for what should go where, but I want to be sure before taking the time to hang things.

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