Here are some random things I’ve been grateful lately:

  1. The pretty Blue Q zipper pouch I found at Carbon Boutique. It’s the perfect size for a journal, mini notebook, small sketchbook and a couple of pens.
  2. The cool, crisp weather we had a couple weeks ago and that we’ve had these past few days. While many are lamenting about summer being “over,” I’m enjoying the cooler nights and the cooler morning walks. I love autumn weather.
  3. That one day when my Pinterest feed was full of Kandise’s composting and rain barrel pins. It makes me happy to see stuff like that.
  4. Salt Spring Island cheese. Specifically, the goat cheese with lemon slices on the bottom (it adds just enough lemon flavour to add a bit of summer).
  5. This playlist on Google Play: Canoe Camping in Canada. It’s mellow, delightful and periodically throws in a french song.
  6. A dragonfly landed on me. It was only a split second, but it was still pretty cool.
  7. The pretty treats I bought myself (new ink, pen, and paper).  The ink is the perfect late summer / fall colour.
  8. Le Marechal cheese. It’s so flavourful and delightful.
  9. Having some degree of flexibility with regards to when I arrive at work. It means that I can (sometimes) take a longer route to work or stop and enjoy the view.

Bonus content: This video from Yoga with Adrienne is a lovely take on gratitude and creating a gratitude ritual.

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2 Responses to Gratitude

  1. Geen Geenie says:

    I can deduce from this Anne that you really love Autumn walks, cheese and stationery products! But I think we knew that already ;-) You are totally right about the gratitude thing though, it sounds so pollyanna-ish but appreciating the things you are truly grateful for can bring a lot of peace.x


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