Jolabokaflod, a.k.a Christmas Book Flood, is an Icelandic tradition where books are giving on Christmas Eve and the rest of the evening is spent reading. This sounds like heaven to me.

We had a tradition in our family where mom would use the Christmas money sent by our paternal grandparents for books. Every Christmas, we were guaranteed at least a book or two under the tree. At the time, I don’t think that I properly appreciated it, as I was slow to settle into being a reader. But, now that I am older, wiser (?), and very comfortable with my love for a good book, I really appreciate that tradition.

And, I miss it! Mom would go to Woozles, the independent children’s book store (and store of all things awesome) to find great books for us. The only thing that compared, was the excitement of getting a new colouring book in our stocking each year (Santa was good to us!).

Mom wasn’t the only avid reader and book lover in the family. Dad was the one who introduced me to The Handmaid’s Tale and the one who found a used, but utterly pristine, copy of a childhood favourite the year that I decided to start collecting a few books.

Now, I’m helping my bother pass on a love for good books by buying my niblings books for any and every occasion. One of my favourite things to do is heading over to Audreys Books at lunch to spend a half hour reading kids pictures books (yes, it is awesome having kids to buy books for!).

Whether you like complex themes or quick reads, long novels or pictures, I hope you all get at least one book for Christmas this year.

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3 Responses to Jólabókaflóð

  1. Geen Geenie says:

    Good use of ‘niblings’ here ;-) I almost exclusively gave books or make-up for xmas this year. In some instances both. And I am super excited about the books I got for xmas too. This is the time of year I alllow myself reading for fun and all the pretty ‘coffee table’ books I can’t justify the expense of normally. (I really hate the term ‘coffee table’ book, but picture book/reference book sounds weird. Any suggestions?)


    • I love coffee table books, but, like you, I don’t like the name (heck, I don’t even have a coffee table!).

      I bought myself a few Christmas books, because I knew I wouldn’t get any (the family I visit aren’t as avid about reading as I am and my brother sent us jigsaw puzzles, which are equally awesome!). I do miss getting books for Christmas.

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    • Geen Geenie says:

      I don’t have a coffee table either ;-)

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