Reading update, June 2016

June meant vacation time and, for me, that meant very little reading (I was too busy hanging out with my niblings and gardening).

Picture books:

Other books:

The Stonekeeper’s Curse (Amulet #2) and The Cloud Searchers (Amulet #3) – On my last day of vacation, when it was too late to take advantage of it, I discovered that my brother has these books. Sigh. I’s a good series and I would have loved to read them all.

40 Below Volume 2 – This is a really great collection of poetry and short stories relating to winter (winter, how winter affects life, surviving winter, etc.). Bonus (for me): it’s centered around my neck of the woods (Alberta). I’m definitely going to buy the previous volume and keep an eye open for future volumes.

The Nesting Place – I was quite disappointed by this book. Not only was it lacking in any unique or new thoughts, it was also littered with Christian ideology and antiquated gender roles. The latter was particularly annoying.

Toil And Trouble (#1 & 2) – This looks to be a promising series. The art is gorgeous and the story, a reinvention of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, is very intriguing. The gorgeous art and inventiveness of the fate’s design are what pulled me in, but the story has me hooked.

Lantern City Vol. 1 (dnf) – Not what I was in the mood for, I guess.

The Wrong Cat – Lorna Crozier is quickly becoming a favourite poet. I was enchanted by the first few poems, so I bought a copy to own. Her poetry seems effortless and offers many intriguing lines that are worth rereading many times over.

The Endangered Species Road Trip – Part travel journal, part conservation essay – this book was both fun and interesting.

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