#getaholdofyourshelf book challenge

Like all avid readers, I have a tbr (to-be-read) pile that’s a bit bigger than I’d like. It’s no where near as big as it was a couple of years ago (heck, it was at 60 books just a year ago), but it’s taking up more than it’s fair share of space on my shelf. Ideally, I’d like to have no more than about half a dozen tbr books at a time. Right now, I have about two dozen, with a couple more on the way.

In January, I decided that it was time to start reading my tbr books!

But, I just couldn’t seem to get started. Every time I tried, I either picked the newest/shortest or, more likely, I got distracted by my pile of library books. So, I decided to look up tbr challenges, and there are so freaking many of them!

As I watched, read, and pondered tbr challenges, one thing proved to be a problem for me – my tbr pile isn’t big enough for a lot of the tbr challenges. Apparently, some people have tbr piles that are one, two or even three hundred books strong. Have they not heard of weeding!?

Some challenges encouraged reading a very large number of tbr books each month and others required having a very large number of books to choose from (example: read a rainbow of books or read a certain number of different genres). I would need to supplement with books from the library just to get through the first few months of the year. So, these tbr challenges would not work for me.

Thankfully, I recently found the Drinking by My Shelf YouTube channel and she noticed the same problem. She made her own tbr challenge with easier monthly challenges and no requirements to read more than one book (though, I’m going to try and pick two books each month). You can see her challenge intro video below and her list of monthly (Feb-Dec) challenges is in the video description. It involves easy things like the prettiest book, the longest book, or the best title.

I made myself a little jar of challenges to pick from, and then added two bonus challenges. The bonuses are to read an audiobook (I have several waiting to be listened to) and still pick another challenge. It means 3 to 4 tbr books in one month, but I listen to audiobooks on my commute, so they get “read” pretty quickly.



I only just started the challenge. Actually, I lie: I picked my books for February, but I haven’t started to read them (I have a book that I want to finish before I start them, even if that means needing to steal a few days in March to finish them). And, of course, I ended up picking a challenge that required pulling my biggest book from the pile: Defiant Spirits. It’s the prettiest cover I’ve got, but it’s also the longest book. Thankfully, the second prettiest cover is a poetry book, so that will be a quick read.

prettiest book

I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that I don’t get “longest” as next month’s challenge.

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