Reading update, April 2017

April was a slow start for me, in terms of reading. Most books were finished in a mad rush in the last half of the month. And, most books were also audiobooks. It was just one of those months: I was busy for the first week or so, overwhelmed by all the reserved library books that were suddenly available (mostly audiobooks), and just completely off my usual schedule. On the bright side, most of the books I read were fascinating, thought provoking, and/or excellent.

My one disappointment was that I didn’t read nearly as much poetry as I had hoped. April is National Poetry Month in Canada (and the US) and I wanted to make my way through most, if not all, of the poetry books I had on my shelf. In the end, I only managed to get through two. Both were fairly dense and took me longer to get through than usual, but, mostly, I just had too many other books on my plate. I think that I’ll try to read a couple more poetry books in May, but probably I’ll go back to reading one poetry book per month.

It feels a bit like cheating to have “read” so many books that were actually read to me. But, 5 of the audiobooks I finished were ones that I’d put on hold weeks ago. I just had the bad luck to have them all come in a steady stream over the month (and, in fact, I’m currently trying to plow through 3 long ones that all arrived within the last couple days of the April – “reading” things quickly is hard when you’re interested in the story). Each of these books were read while walking to and from work, eating my lunch, mindlessly doing dishes, and even (on the rare occasion) just sitting in my reading chair enjoying the rare bit of sun we’ve had over the last few weeks.

I’ll be interested to see how many audiobooks I get through in the coming months. Spring is (finally) in town and that means that I’ll start taking the longer routes home more and more often. In addition to this, my office is moving further away from home. My walk will be about double what it is right now. While I sometimes choose to listen to music or nothing at all (especially when I’m in the quieter, bird-filled parts of my walk), I typically listen to audiobooks on my commute. Also, with the longer commute, I’ll be losing a bit more of my free time after work, which means that I’ll have less time to read physical books each day. It’s a good thing my library has a great collection of audiobooks!

That’s all, for now. I hope you all had a lovely April.

I’ll post a #getaholdofyourshelf challenge update in the next day or so.


This is what I read:

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