Vacation photos

My vacations with my family are always pretty interesting. We don’t do anything touristy and tend to spend most of our time hanging out, reading (so many bedtime stories), and just being together. Highlights of my vacation include:

  • Being goofy with the kids
  • Joining my niece’s class for a field trip to the post office and then to a forested park (and, enjoying it, but also being really glad I don’t have kids)
  • Going to the library with my brother (I’m such a nerd)
  • Taking the kids (and my brother) for a nature walk to do a nature scavenger hunt
  • Helping the Easter bunny hide eggs and create a fun little scavenger hunt for the kids
  • Eating dinosaur shaped grilled cheese
  • Doing a puzzle with my brother
  • Having many long chats with my sister-in-law
  • Finding the first crocuses in their garden
  • Reading bedtime stories several nights
  • Playing indoor “hockey” with a large ball, a play golf club, and a play mop
  • Playing hide and seek or tag several times
  • Visiting some cute shops in a small town and buying a cool tin (which I now use for my markers)
  • Getting some great art books (and a screwdriver) from my dad
  • Eating way too much chocolate (serious! so much!)
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