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I used to use antiperspirants from the drug store. It was what I grew up with and the only option I knew about. But, I hated them. Forget all the cancer scare stuff, antiperspirants stink of manufactured perfumes, irritate my … Continue reading

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Minimalism versus frugality

I’ve been thinking about the idea of minimalism and the practice of frugality. Having recently made the decision to avoid keeping things “just in case,” I’m still trying to work out the kinks in my new approach to keeping things. But, … Continue reading

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Review: Playful Peanut snack bags

I bought some great little reusable snack bags from Playful Peanut (Canadian, if you’re interested). I’ve been meaning to make or buy some for ages. I generally use hard containers, but sometimes you just need a small baggie-like container that takes … Continue reading

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Green Living Tips

Lots of great ideas and resources: The Lifehack.org Guide to Green Living: 20 Green Ideas from Our Archives

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